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What Kids and Parents Need To Know About Horses

(Voted) The Most Honest Horseman

Gene Rucker DVD

Parents and Grandparents, Do Not put yourself or your kids on a 1000 pound horse without Safety Education
How Can A Horse Be Trained Or Ridden Safely By An Untrained Rider?
This DVD will help train you to be safe.

Featured in Horse & Rider Magazine.
Read this article to learn more about Gene Rucker and his methods. 
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  • Family safety is a parent's goal and responsibility

  • For less than $25 you may save you or someone you love from getting hurt

  • Gene will teach you how to handle a horse in a professional way that will help keep you safe

  • You must learn the common sense basics about your horse, then advance to 4-H and showing to 
    barrel racing, trail riding, herding cattle, etc.

  • If you're thinking of buying a horse you will need this video to get you started right and to keep you safe

  • Beginner to advanced rider - you will learn what you need to know 

  • Nationally advertised in Western Horseman, Horse & Rider, Young Rider and The Trail Rider Magazines

Parents and Grandparents, don't let your kids on a 1000 pound horse without safety education or how to catch, groom, clean their feet, saddle, bridle, round pen, haul, proper cues to stop, go, stand still, feed, water, etc.  Have years of experience behind you, any time you need it. How can a horse be ridden safely or trained properly by an untrained rider?  Gene will teach you how to handle a horse in a professional way that will help keep you safe. Is your horse the problem or your lack of horse knowledge? You will know after you view this DVD. The most important thing for you and your kids to learn about horses is safety. When I think of the people I could have saved from personal injury, and also the people who quit riding or confused their horses so much that they had to sell their horses just because they did not know any better.


I wanted to tell you that I found your video to have excellent, solid information in it. I even learned a thing or two, and that's saying something since I'm in the equine information business, with constant exposure to horse information.  Best wishes, 
Juli Thorson,  Western Horseman Magazine


Thank you for the wonderful video.  I have worked around horses for 10+ years, and learned new things from you video. Thanks again for the great information and some life saving tips! Cheryl Roth, Pennsylvania
Just wanted to let you know that the video was excellent!  We learned a lot!  Thanks so much!  Also the horse you used in the video was such a good boy and beautiful too!  Wish we lived closer, we definitely would trust buying a horse from you!!  Sincerely, L.S.Linda K. Schery

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to create such an informative video.  It covers things I hadn't thought of and others that I had.  It answered a lot of questions that everyone seems to have different answers for, but that didn't seem to work for us.  We have implemented much of what you cover in your video and I can't thank you enough for preaching 'safety, safety, safety'.  I have two young children and safety was a big issue for me. Sincerely, Barbara Galstad

Gene Rucker,the son of a true cowboy. His dad, Kenny Rucker rode 8 to 10 hours a day doctoring and herding cattle, until he was in his 60's. Kenny was a great horseman, so Gene inherited his knowledge from the best. Gene Rucker spent the best part of his life training and selling Gentle Family Horses for beginner to advanced riders, so he knows what you need to make the right connection between you and a horse. Gene will take you step by step, a one on one method, just like you are there, making it easy with a common sense approach that will make it simple and fun. Many of Gene's students had never ridden a horse, but after learning his common sense, safe approach, they now trail ride, show, some even rodeo. You can do the same. This DVD is not complicated. You don't have to be a horse person to learn from it. Gene uses the same method he did to teach his clients that had very little or no horse experience.. You can be a real horse person. Learn in the comfort of your own living room from this 90 minute, no risk, 100% full refund guarantee DVD. The next time you go riding or just talking about horses, you and your friends will be impressed with your new horse knowledge

A Must  For Beginner Riders and Their Parents.


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Only $24.95 for ninety minutes of safety education on
the dangers of what kids and parents need to know about horses

 Please don't wait until some one gets hurt - Order the safety education you and your kids need now

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